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“With an understanding of our aesthetic past and an eye to it’s future, we can design furniture that is truly timeless.”

Barry Dixon’s Tomlinson collection is a celebration of ‘curves and angles,’ a study of the interplay between the sensuality of organic, curvilinear twists and turns with the more stoic, calculated strength of bold geometric angles.

The edgy international style of architecture of the 1950s and 1960s inspire a modular series of chairs, sofas, chaises and sectionals while a mix of 1930s and 1970s forms blend together for casual and comfortable 21st century seating.

Sample Furniture from Tomlinson

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A firm believer in the never-ending cycle of creation and the creative process, Barry Dixon’s Arteriors collections combine fierce, but warmly-familiar elements from nature and history. Passive or aggressive. Offensive or defensive. As Dixon meticulously combs the world’s continuum of ornament and adornment, he draw inspiration from nature’s inspiring dichotomy of eloquent functionality, curating a modern collection of organic abstraction meant to protect the vulnerable and intimidate the threatening.

From whipping tails, armored plates, scales and shells to antique brass, hammered iron and smoked glass — irregular edges, ridges and textures reflect a strong, protective beauty – adding a classic, but curious layer to any space.

Sample Lighting from Arteriors

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Barry’s collection for Avrett is inspired by time and place.

Time, via the timeless lines and silhouettes of the masters of the design universe, from Rhulmann to the Romans, that have left their rich legacy for us to play with.

Place, the warm natural world we see through our southern windows as we gaze upon the splendiferous change of seasons that bring constant inspiration, sometimes in the most curious ways. A mosquito’s elegant leg, or the pod-like cone of a magnolia, all that’s left when the delicate petals fall away and become a beautiful memory.

Sample Lighting from Avrett

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