Cotswolds Charm in Virginia

The Cotswolds is one of the loveliest areas of England. Narrow, hedge-lined lanes wind through picturesque villages of small thatched cottages, making it sometimes hard to believe you are in the twenty-first century. Such idyllic countryside is what inspired this 5.000-square-foot home in eastern Virginia. The owners made several trips to England just to acquaint themselves with the region, photographing and taking notes of the soft gray stone houses and details they especially liked. Armed with their wish lists, they contacted architect Russell Versaci to design a home and asked Barry to create its interiors. For over a year, they all met at the site each week to review details and designs before construction even began. The homeowners enjoy entertaining and are warm and hospitable by nature, thus the main goal was to reflect their personalities with a friendly, welcoming home, a Cotswolds cottage refined for an American lifestyle.

Photos: Edward Addeo