Rustic Elegance at Blackberry Farm

Rustic Elegance at Blackberry Farm Featured in Garden & Gun, this home is located in one of the South's premiere resorts, Blackberry Farm. Barry Dixon and architect Keith Summerour collaborated together making a home that invites the beautiful outside into the interiors. No detail is missed [...]

Rustic Elegance at Blackberry Farm2019-03-26T16:04:45-04:00

Artful Elan in Buckhead, Atlanta

Artful Elan in Buckhead, Atlanta This beautiful home was featured in Southern Home Magazine and inspired by a space in Italy that was designed by Barry Dixon. After staying at the space, the client called Barry wanting to import the same rich, romantic [...]

Artful Elan in Buckhead, Atlanta2019-03-26T16:10:56-04:00

Bath County, Virginia

Bath County, Virginia Named "Jefferson's Retreat" by Bridge for Design magazine, this homestead was inspired by the former founding father, Thomas Jefferson. Barry Dixon created a more modern [...]

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Industrial Redux in Mississippi

Industrial Redux Corinth, Mississippi, is a small town in the South. Barry’s client had been raised here and was committed to revitalizing his hometown. He asked Barry to [...]

Industrial Redux in Mississippi2019-03-22T13:19:17-04:00

On the Cliff in Montecito

On the Cliff in Montecito Monticeto is known for its luxury homes that exude a chic vibe. In this Monticeto home, Barry seamlessly blended both classic and modern interiors, all while pulling elements of the beautiful surroundings in Santa [...]

On the Cliff in Montecito2017-08-18T13:09:54-04:00

St Barts Carribbean Villa

Caribbean Villa The owners of this Caribbean villa had been enchanted with the tropical setting of St. Bart's and were delighted when they acquired this small villa. While the setting was spectacular, with sweeping views and azure blue waters of the [...]

St Barts Carribbean Villa2017-07-20T17:21:18-04:00

Summer Memories

Summer Memories After purchasing an oceanfront lot on the Delaware shore, these clients contacted Barry, requesting: an informal summer retreat that could withstand not only the water and sand, but also four active children and their friends, two Hungarian Vizslas, [...]

Summer Memories2017-09-28T15:40:38-04:00

Sky High Living

Sky High Living This high-rise with sweeping views of the city and Lake Michigan is located on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. Barry designed a comfortable pied-à-terre that was warm and elegant and belied the fact it was a [...]

Sky High Living2017-09-28T15:42:19-04:00

Coming Home to Elway Hall

Coming Home to Elway Hall Childhood, the experts say, is what shapes our taste as adults, and Barry readily admits this holds true for him. Raised in a gracious Southern manor and historic residences around the world, [...]

Coming Home to Elway Hall2017-09-28T15:44:08-04:00

New and Old on the Potomac

New and Old on the Potomac Built alongside the Potomac River, this newly constructed home aptly reflects the owners' personalities — eclectic and down-to-earth, mixing classic and modern, new and old. Barry and [...]

New and Old on the Potomac2017-07-21T13:23:49-04:00